Our daily life has become very hectic. We spend most of our time on household chores or office, neglecting our own body. Sitting for more than eight hours at one place and constantly looking at the computer not only affects our eye sight, but it also causes back and neck problems. Of course, we cannot avoid any of our personal and professional work, but exercise and certain precautions can definitely give us a healthy day.

Poor eye sight means trouble in daily activities. There are two types of weak vision –

  • Hyperopia or farsightedness where people cannot focus on closer object, but are clearly able to see objects at a distance.
  • Myopia or nearsightedness gives a clear vision of closer objects and farther object is blurred.

Hyperopia is a common problem that is seen mostly in youngsters these days who are continuously straining their eyes. Either they work for long hours on computer, sleep fewer hours, reduce nutrition in diet or strain their eyes to see an object in dim light. Hyperopia happens when light rays don’t fall on retina, but behind it.

Hyperopia is not a disease. It is a problem that might happen at a young age or at an older age when health starts deteriorating. When you feel headaches, eye strain, squinting or feel tired while performing work on something which is at a closer range, then you need to visit an ophthalmologist immediately. Even people wearing eyeglasses or lenses face this problem. If this happens then a new eye exam has to be followed with new prescription. The best way to search a clinic is by looking through search engine where you can type eye exam near me and it will direct you to best optical centers and clinics in your area.

Here is the list of treatments to help someone get back clear vision for closer object –

  • Eyeglasses are the best solution to any sight problem. An eye doctor will check your eyesight and provide with glasses that have power which will match with your eyes to correct your vision.
  • Those who are reluctant of glasses can always go for contact lenses. They are considered the first refractive external surface, to come in contact of light, when light enters the eyes, which give more accurate focus, clear vision and wider area to see with comfort as well.
  • Surgeries like laser therapy are also used which will remove your dependency on glasses and lenses permanently. It changes the shape of cornea which improves vision.

Whenever you feel any irritation while focusing on an object, immediately refer to a doctor. You don’t want to prolong this problem as it may result to high power eye glasses.