At SukhavatiAyurvedic Retreat & Spa, we offer a wide range of services to boost your health and wellness. Not only do you stay in a natural wonderland with a tropical climate and your own personal pool, but you can also benefit from our in-depth knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine. Some say that just being in Bali is great for their stress levels, as they’re able to fully unwind and relax in the beautiful surrounds. But if you want to take improvements to your health and wellness a bit further, you can be proactive and check out our retreat for specific health and wellness goals. All of our programs are based upon the same basic pillars for a healthy mind and body, with tweaks for the specific outcome you desire.

H2: The Building Blocks of Health & Wellness

H3: Food as Medicine – Organic Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cuisine

Your body is only as good as what you put inside it. Our organic Ayurvedic Vegetarian cuisine is made by our very own chefs to be nutritious, anti-inflammatory and soothing to the body. We prepare food for you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, assisting in healing your body.

H3:  On-Site Holistic Medical Support

As part of your wellness retreat program at SukhavatiAyurvedic Retreat & Spa, you will have a private consultation with our in-resident Ayurvedic doctor. They’ll prescribe specific daily treatments that are designed for relaxing, detoxing and healing the ailments of your body. 

H3: Yoga & Meditation

The practices of yoga and meditation combined create a bridge between the mind and the body to benefit both. Our programs are accessible to both beginners and more advanced practitioners of yoga and meditation. Anyone can learn these wellness activities and reap the advantages, including feeling more relaxed, calm and in tune with your own body.

H2: Looking for Health & Wellness Retreats in Bali? ChooseSukhavati

SukhavatiAyurvedic Retreat & Spa offers an unparalleled health and wellness experience complete with luxury villas and a stunning environment. Our services complement the naturally relaxing atmosphere of Bali with healing cuisine, treatments, meditation and yoga. Want to improve your level of wellness? Book into a retreat today by calling us on +62 3619006128 or emailing