Millions of people across the globe enjoy the rush of rock climbing every year. This is not surprising as rock climbing is a sport that challenges both your physical and mental state. Although this activity is safe when you get appropriate training and correct practice, average climbers can experience injuries during their climb. Fortunately, these injuries can be avoided when you know exercise proper climbing safety. If you are new to climbing, it is often best to start training at a climbing gym montreal to learn climbing techniques and how to keep yourself safe during every climb. If you are ready to get started with rock climbing, the tips below can save your life and avoid getting stuck.

Inspect the Area Before Climbing

It is important to take a look at the place you will climb to ensure it is safe for the activity. Inspection is still possible using Google Earth or online photos which let you see the area from all angles. This is helpful in deciding how tough the climb will be and what type of gear you must bring with you.

Make a List of Gear you Need to Bring

Before you go to your rock climbing destination, ensure you have a list of gear you must bring. Forgetting even one piece of important gear can compromise your safety. Never start climbing without all the piece of gear you need.

Always Wear a Helmet

You should not climb without wearing an approved climbing helmet to protect your head and when you fall. This piece of gear must be secured to your head before you get started. A helmet can save your life in case you take a tumble on hard rocks.

Double Check your Harnesses

You must ensure your harnesses are in perfect shape before you leave for your climb. Once you gear up at the climbing route’s base, inspect the harnesses again. Once they are tied into the rope at the base, ensure your harness buckles and the buckle of the belayer are correctly double back. Also, check if the leg loops are snug.

Pay Attention to the Leader

As you started climbing, always watch the leader above you. The leader will lead the rest of the climbers. Don’t get yourself distracted by anything or anyone. Focus on your leader as they are climbing where you will soon be. Ensure the leader is kept on belay until they are tied into the anchors and they can safely do so.