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Christina Applegate is a well-known actress who has starred in many popular movies and TV shows, such as Anchorman, Married… with Children, and Dead to Me. She is also a breast cancer survivor who underwent a double mastectomy in 2008. In August 2021, she revealed that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic and incurable condition that affects the central nervous system. In this article, we will explore how Christina Applegate is coping with her MS diagnosis and what she wants people to know about the disease.

What exactly is MS and how does it impact our bodies?

MS is a disease that causes the immune system to attack the protective coating of the nerve fibers, called myelin, in the brain and spinal cord. This damages the nerves and disrupts the communication between the brain and the rest of the body. The symptoms of MS vary depending on the location and extent of the nerve damage, but they may include:

  • A number of limbs exhibiting discomfort, tingling, or weakness
  • vision issues include double vision, blurry vision, or blindness.
  • Balance and coordination problems, such as dizziness, vertigo, or difficulty walking
  • Fatigue, pain, or spasms in the muscles
  • Cognitive and emotional problems, such as memory loss, depression, or anxiety
  • Bladder and bowel problems, such as incontinence or constipation

MS is unpredictable and progressive, meaning that it can worsen over time and cause more disability. There is no cure for MS, but there are treatments that can help manage the symptoms and slow down the disease progression. Some of the treatments include medications, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and lifestyle changes.

How did Christina Applegate discover her MS diagnosis?

Christina Applegate first noticed some changes in her body several years ago while filming the first season of Dead to Me, a Netflix comedy series in which she plays Jen Harding, a widow who befriends another woman at a grief support group. She recalled feeling unbalanced while filming a dance sequence for the show. She later noticed that her tennis game was not as strong as before, but she attributed it to lack of practice. She said that she wished she had paid more attention to these early signs of MS.

She finally got diagnosed with MS in the summer of 2021 while filming the third and final season of Dead to Me. She said that she started experiencing numbness and tingling in her hands and feet, which are common symptoms of MS She went to see a neurologist who confirmed her diagnosis after performing some tests.She said that she was shocked and scared by the news, but also relieved to have an explanation for what was happening to her body.

How is Christina Applegate coping with her MS diagnosis?

Christina Applegate has been coping with her MS diagnosis with the support of her family, friends, co-workers, and fans. She said that her husband, Martyn LeNoble, and her daughter, Sadie Grace LeNoble, have been her pillars of strength and comfort. She also said that her co-star and friend Linda Cardellini has been her advocate and voice on the set of Dead to Me. She said that Cardellini helped her get through the difficult days of filming by being understanding, compassionate, and protective.

She also thanked her fans for their love and encouragement after she announced her diagnosis on Twitter. She wrote: “Hello, buddies. I received an MS diagnosis a few months ago. It has been an odd voyage. But the people I know that also have this issue have been extremely encouraging to me. The road has not been easy. But as we are all aware, the journey continues. Unless some jackass obstructs it”. She said, “We wake up and take the recommended action, as one of my MS friends said.’. And that’s what I do. So now I ask for privacy. As I go through this thing. Thank you xo”.

She also shared some insights and advice for people who are living with MS or other chronic conditions. She said that she tries to focus on the positive aspects of her life and not let MS define her. She said that she practices gratitude for what she has and what she can do. She also said that she listens to her body and takes care of herself by resting when needed. She encouraged people to seek help from professionals and support groups if they are struggling with their mental health. She also urged people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 if they are eligible because people with MS are at higher risk of complications from the virus.


Christina Applegate is a brave and inspiring actress who has been coping with her MS diagnosis with grace and resilience. She has been open and honest about her condition and how it affects her life and work. She has also been supportive and informative for people who are living with MS or other chronic conditions. She has shown that MS is not a death sentence, but a challenge that can be overcome with the help of treatment, support, and positivity

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