You have never been at a spa before, so you wish to make it a memorable experience. You are concerned about several things that might ruin your spa experience.

Brief guidance on what you need to familiar about spa visits

What time to arrive?

The arrival time at the spa differs from one parlor to another. You already booked an appointment via phone but ensure to reach minimum 15 minutes prior the schedule. As you are visiting for the first time, there will be some paperwork to be filled on arrival. Thus, you get some extra time, in case there are some other guests ahead of you.

What clothes to wear?

You can carry comfortable outfit, so changing becomes easy. If you have a dinner meeting after the spa then bring your best outfit. You can even gain information from, if you are unsure.

Is it necessary to bring anything else?

Spa visit is not just massage or pedicure, you get time to enjoy gym, steam sauna, and pool facilities. If you plan to enjoy these extra activities then bring gym outfit, swim suit and a towel. Spas offer robe, slippers, and towels but if you are not comfy carry your own.

What to expect during spa treatment?

You have filled in the consultation form including your requirements like a female or male therapist, massage type, gentle or soft pressure, allergies, medical problems, injuries, etc. You even mentioned if there is need for specific zones to concentrate on.

  • You will be taken to the allocated treatment room. The therapist will leave room, so that you can undress and get prepared. Climb on massage table and cover yourself with a towel.
  • After some time, the therapist will knock and re-enter the room. If necessary, the massage table height or support cushions will be adjusted, so as to make you comfy. There is music running in the background and room is dimly lit.
  • During the massage just relax or slip in a quick nap.
  • When massage gets concluded a small bell sound conveys the end of treatment. She will wait outside the room until you get dressed.

  • You will be led to relaxation room, where there are recliner beds or water beds. It is the best way to unwind after a relaxing massage session before facing outside world.

You can even try facials like cleansing and exfoliation or body treatment like body wrap or body scrub. For massage the most popular options are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and relaxation massage.