A lot of women opt for bioidentical hormone over conventional hormone therapy. This is due to the safety offered by this therapy for proper management of menopause symptoms. Does bio-identical hormone is really safe than other hormone therapies? To know more about it we have done research on these hormones and what do experts have to say about it.

What does the term “bioidentical” imply?

The term bio-identical is self-explanatory. It implies that the hormones used in performing this therapy have an identical chemical structure as the hormones that are naturally synthesized by the body.

Due to this reason, users of this therapy find that the therapy matches to their body conditions and needs very well. This therapy is available for consumption in topical and oral ways. Most of the hormone therapy products are FDA approved.

What makes bio-identical hormone therapy natural?

Bio-identical hormone therapy is regarded as natural as the hormones contained in the product are derived from only animal and plant sources. They do not contain any chemicals in it. As they are not synthesized in laboratory, they are not treated with any chemicals too. This is what makes it highly safe and less risky among its users.

Conventional hormone replacement therapies don’t just completely exclude natural hormones. A few FDA-approved products like Climara, Vivelle-Dot, and Estrace contain Prometrium, that is a natural form of plant derived progesterone and estrogens.

Advantages of CBHT over conventional hormone therapy

There are several benefits of compounded Bio-identical hormone therapy that makes it more preferred and advantageous than conventional hormone therapy. Let us see each of them:

  • Bio-identical hormones are manufactured in forms and doses that differ from the ones in FDA-agreed products. For most of the nonstandard combinations, it is essential to get these hormones purchased from a licensed compounding medical store. Such pharmacy store possesses specialization in manufacturing medicines and products that are custom-made to suit the needs of individuals.
  • CBHT therapy is based on the test of the saliva to evaluate distinctive hormonal needs of an individual. This makes them a personalized treatment solution for each and every individual

  • Some users benefit from nonstandard forms and dosage of hormones in CBHT preparations


So, in this way bio-identical hormone therapy is found to be more beneficial, safer and effective than conventional hormone therapy. Using it under the supervision of a specialized healthcare service provider will help you maximize its benefits.